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Erza scarlet - Fairy Tail! 
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I’d like to take a moment to appreciate men and cats.
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Literally our award winning group today. We got Best (Advanced) Group for Supanova I SERIOUSLY CAN’T GET OVER THIS.
I’ll link up a video to our skit when I find it because wow. 

The Ember Island Players - Nat as Actress!Ty Lee, me as Actress!Mai, Lucy as Actress!Katara, Will as Actress (???????) Aang, and David as “Man Toph”, AKA Tough. 

Ember Island Players FTW (literally haha) So much fun :D

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Battle Bunny Riven, League of Legends.Cosplayer: Jackie Photog: Erin
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Open minded relationships
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Yo laraa.
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Naegi - Renee Celestia - Saki Ishimaru - Freya Fukawa - Jackie Sayaka - Tiana Junko - Katie Photog - Lorenzo